Link 16 Sep The Passion Play by Amelia Hart»

Felicity didn’t know how her marriage went wrong. Being faced with him letting her go because they didn’t have any children left her feeling empty as the house she lives in.

Not ready for anything but a one night stand she heads out on the town looking for just that. A nice man who will give her the attention she deserves. Which she hasn’t had for a very long time.

Luke Barrett didn’t mean to fall in love with his managers wife. It happen the day he came to the team when she told him that if he needed anything to let her know. He needed something but not with her as a married woman.

Seeing her out dancing on her own he couldn’t help himself but walk up to her checking to make sure she was alright, but after she came on to him he had to walk away. If he didn’t he would go against the rules he has for himself.

Once he discovers that Falicity and his manager were no longer together he had a new plan to play for her love and affection. Let’s just say relationships take a lot of work, and if he’s going to win her heart he has a lot of work cut out for him.

Link 15 Sep The Billionaires Club (The Billionaires Club Book 1) by Sky Corgan»

There is a place where you can go for a month to pamper yourself with a spa visit, sit by the pool, or engage in some private room entertainment. The Billionaire’s Club is a non-profit organization so your donation of $10000 goes to the charity of your choice.

When you fill out the profile a Billionaire that volunteers his services will choose you. You get two night a week with him, but the other men working at this place are very willing to take care of all of your needs when you are not with your Billionaire.

Tesse didn’t sign up for this. Her best friend signed her up. Uncomfortable with how this works she doesn’t want to keep up the romping with the billionaire. She doesn’t want to be confused, because she knows he is with other woman on a daily basis.

She tries to end it with Anders, her billionaire volunteer, but he is very persuasive in the way of seducing her. One way is to make her believe that they could have a future after the month is up.

That is until the end of the story when he doesn’t even acknowledge her and walks off with the most beautiful lady. No doubt in her mind that its her night to be with him, but Ryan at the front desk tell her who the woman is…

Read the story to get the full picture. It’s not as erotic as you may think.

Link 9 Sep The Italian's Passionate Return by Elizabeth Lennox»

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Link 8 Sep UPDATE!!!!!! Book Trailer»

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Thanks to all of you that support me.

Link 31 Aug Bound by Desire by Missy Lyons»

Denise, a strong intelligent woman. Always proving herself in the man’s world, especially since she graduated top of her class at the FBI academy. Always strong, always determine, and always successful at whatever she put her mind to. Except for men, which she also controlled in the bed room.

However the case may end she is always on top. Thankfully her commanding officer sees the potential in her to be excellent at this job too. He also hoped that someday she may let him control her.

Victor not only dominate in the work force, but also dominant in his person life. Having small parties for those who like to indulge in the fantasy of domination and submissive. The surprise comes when Denise is hurt with him not inviting her to his private party.

Willing to play the game he hands her an invitation. Will she show up, and will he control her? That you will have to read to find out. This story is primarily about submissive and Dominate relationships, and a little on the erotic side. If you decide to read it, try to keep an open mind. It was better than most submissive and Dominate stories I have read.

Link 9 Aug First Night by Lauren Blakely»

What is a girl to do when she is down on her luck with men and just cannot find a good one? Most of the time we give up and get on with our lives doing things that we enjoy and that make us happy.

That is where our heroine is at in her life. Julia Bell owns her own bar and enjoys running it. Of coarse men hit on her; she’s gorgous. To her it comes with the territory, but the offers aren’t real, or meaningful.

That is until there is a connection that has led Clay Nichols to the corner bar. No wonder her sister hinted he visit her there. She is spicy, hot, and the chemistry has never felt like this. Can this one night turn into a whole night, and maybe something a little bit more?

She lives in San Francisco, and he lives in New York. Are you shaking your head… Of course you are but you will have to see if they can handle the long distance thing by reading the following book ‘Night after Night’ which is my next purchase.

Text 8 Aug First Night by Lauren Blakely

First Night by Lauren Blakely


What is a girl to do when she is down on her luck with men and just cannot find a good one?  Most of the time we give up and get on with our lives doing things that we enjoy and that make us happy.

That is where our heroine is at in her life.  Julia Bell owns her own bar and enjoys running it.  Of coarse men hit on her; she’s gorgous.  To her it comes with the territory, but the…

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Text 24 Jul Update

Well, I finally finished another chapter of the book.  4 chapters to go.  Yeah.

That and I am adventuring in a new online business.  Its day four and things seem to be starting off good.  A lot of information but I am hoping that it will help with marketing the books that I write.

The one I am editing now I am thinking of offering the first 10 chapters as a prequel for the book and offer it for…

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Text 19 Jul What he Desires (Luna #2) by Violet Haze

What he Desires (Luna #2) by Violet Haze


The truth comes out in this story.  First of all he spent time with her father.  He loved and respected her father.  He wants to help her keep her business.  He wants HER.

The offer he puts out there for her is despicable, but what choice does she have.  The pull of attraction makes it much easier to trust him, and the way he cares for her goes beyond what she would expect.


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Text 15 Jul Tall, Tatted, and Tempting (The Reed Brothers)

Tall, Tatted, and Tempting (The Reed Brothers)

[ezcol_2third]Kit is on her own in a harsh city where she can hide from everything she knows.  She had to escape and she can’t share her past with anyone for fear that they will come get her and bring her home.  She doesn’t want to be a trophy wife without a life of her own, but her family insists that’s all she is good for with her challenge of dyslexia.

That is until she meets Logan who has his…

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